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Green Initiatives

Our entire business depends on the sustainability of forests. We will continue the responsible forest stewardship to ensure healthy and productive forest ecosystems for generations to come. We tackle the toughest issues in our value chain, reduce our environmental footprint and promote the long-term sustainability of natural capital.

Water Conservation

We recognize that healthy, sustainable watersheds are essential to communities, the environment and manufacturing our products, and that we have an important role to play. That’s why we’re focused on both water use and water quality in our operations, as well as engaging locally with other water users and stakeholders.

The company’s new logo symbolizes its commitment towards the environment and its effective use of the scarce resource – wood pulp / water. During 2010 the company’s unit at Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu was awarded “Water Efficient Unit” by Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) at the National Water Management Award 2010, for judicious use of water.

The company’s units are equipped with recent technology to reduce the usage of water and effectively use the discharge. Our unit has developed a green belt around the factory premises by growing more than 10000 trees. The company has also reduced its waste water discharge to 50% when compared to 2007. The units at Sivakasi also has systems in place to harvest rain water for the industrial usage.

Bio – Energy

The company has recently commissioned a 6 MW Bio Mass based co-generation power plant to cater to its requirements of power at its Sivakasi Unit. The total power and steam requirements of the plant are met with this.

The company has also played its part in reducing emissions and by installing ESP (Electrostatic Smoke Purifiers) and containing Carbon reduction by using agricultural residues as fuel.

Wind Mills

The company owns two windmills with a combined capacity of 1.450 KW. The power produced is being sold to the State grid.

One of them is situated in Tirunelveli and the other in Palladam Taluk both in Tamilnadu.

Waste Paper

100% of our Raw Material requirement is met from Waste Paper. The company plays a major role in the recycling process and contributes its bit to the environment cause.

The major benefit of the recycling waste paper does not stop with saving trees, it also reduces the water consumption up to 55%.

Green Initiatives